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Mourad Mourad

Graduated from the University of Picardie – Jules Verne with a Masters degree in Multimedia. He is TV Producer, Broadcast Journalist, Researcher, Published Author, Translator, Tri-lingual Arabic-French-English, high-level attainments in IT and computer programming. He has worked for Reuters TV in Paris. Currently he is the Europe Correspondent of the Lebanese Newspaper Al-Mustaqbal.

Mourad was elected on May 30, 2010 to the Municipal Council of Ras Nhach (Lebanon). He serves (for free) as the Cultural and General Affairs Representative of the Council in the Western World.

Professional Career




2010 - NowHoping to build a strong network with the west for the sake of a global development of his hometown in Lebanon. 

Municipality of Ras Nhach.

NB: He volunteers for public service 

(No Income)

2008 - NowJournalist (Specialist in International Affairs) - Europe CorrespondentArab United Press (AlMustaqbal Newspaper)
2007 - 2009WebMaster, Co-Founder of a News Agency (Now dissolved).MM News
2006TV News Producer in ParisReuters
2005Computer ProgrammerPoly Edu Services
2004TranslatorSoul of Europe
2002 - 2004ModelCasting Director
2001 - 2002Journalist Kadaya Alnass